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Our Candles utilize both the lunar cycles and corresponding days to harness the true potential in manifesting the desires of our customers. Each candle’s color, fragrance, essential oils and herbs are carefully chosen for intentions and are meant to bring out the Magickal side of anyone.Our candles are hand crafted in a sacred  space and when the timing is just right to bring out the maximum potential in anyone’s workings. Each of our candles are available in votives and in

2 in x 3 1/2 in pillars.

Every Day Magick

Our Everyday Magick  series incorporates all aspects of day to day workings. Whether the need is prosperity, love or protection, this line has you covered. At Third Eye Creations we offer the extra bit of quality without the extra cost, perfect for both the beginner and advanced practitioners. 

Deity Guidance

Incorporating deities into workings not only adds power but also allows the opportunity to understand different facets of the Divine. Using one of our candles from the Deity Guidance Series allows for both opportunities to occur and to harness the energy of each deity to be able to make a full transformation in your own life. 

Lunar Light

Harnessing the lunar energy is what we are about. Each of our candles within this series are poured by the corresponding moon cycle. They are perfectly crafted to pay homage and made with corresponding elements to make any new or full moon magick achieve maximum power. 

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