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In 2017, while purchasing candles for use in a Sabbat ritual, Shay noticed how every candle needed to be doctored in some way to be more in tune with what was needed; she also knew how expensive that doctoring could get. Having some prior experience as a candle maker, along with being an intuitive witch with a desire to help others, the idea for Third Eye Creations was born. 

Together with the help of other experienced practitioners -- and the support of her husband, Michael -- she created a candle line unlike all the rest. Crafted in accordance with the lunar cycles and corresponding days of the week, blending the highest quality organic herbs with fragrance and essential oils, Magick in the Making is truly afoot in the creation of each and every candle. 

We are proud to offer these lovely little gems to the world, in service to all the members of our busy witchy family, to help facilitate your magickal workings and celebrations.