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Tampa Bay's Original Third Eye Candle & Spell Bar

Magick in the Making Starts with You!

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Make Your Own Spell Candle

At our Candle Bar, we offer the unique experience of making your own spell candle. You can choose from our selection of over herbs, glitters, and oils to create the perfect candle for your workings. Our expert consultants are also available to help you choose the appropriate correspondences to add to your candle. This is an affordable and convenient option for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Create Your Own Spell Bottle

At Third Eye Spell Bar, we offer the Create Your Own Spell Bottle service to help you harness the potent energy of nature. Our range of herbs, salts, powders, and curios are carefully chosen to provide the maximum power of manifestation. Trust us to help you create a unique and potent personalized spell jar that will serve as a reminder of your intention and manifest it into the universe.

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And So Much More !!

Unleash your inner witch with Third Eye Spell Bar! Our candle and spell bar is dedicated to providing a unique and personalized experience. We offer an array of magickal workings, including witchballs, mojo bags, and ritual baths. Come with your own magickal vision and let our team help you bring it to life. Our goal is to make all your magickal workings a reality!

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