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Everyday Magick Candle Series

Enhance your everyday life with Everyday Magick Candle Series. Our candles are ready to go and filled with specific energies and intentions to help you reach your goals. With our hand-crafted candles, we bring the magick to you so you can experience the transformational power of everyday rituals.

Deity Guidance Candle Series

Our Deity Guidance Candle Series is the perfect way to honor and invite the blessings of your favorite deities. Each candle is crafted with the utmost care and attention, using only the finest ingredients and infused with deep spiritual intent. Can't find a candle for your deity? No problem - we're happy to create a custom-made candle that truly reflects your divine connection.

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Lunar Light Candle Series

Welcome to Lunar Light Candle Series, where we specialize in crafting candles that inspire new beginnings and manifestation. Each new moon and full moon offers a chance to delve deeper into yourself and manifest your dreams. Our candles are carefully crafted to enhance your journey and help you celebrate the progress you have made. Our unique blends are designed to help you tap into your intuition and set the tone for a transformative experience. Join us on this magickal journey today!

Third Eye Incense

Our all-natural Third Eye Incense is specially crafted using premium ingredients and the correct correspondences. We believe in small-batch production, ensuring that each batch is of the highest quality. Whether you're using our incense for meditation, ceremony or simply to fill your home with an inviting aroma, you’ll love the magickal blends and intentions behind each of our unique scents. Try one of our natural incense sticks today and let the aroma transport you to another world.

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Third Eye Bathtub Teas

Our Third Eye Bathtub Teas are the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Each blend has been carefully created and crafted for ritual cleansing and for everyday use. Infused with fragrant herbs and essential oils, our teas elevate your spiritual practice and prepare you for the cycles of the moon. Pamper yourself and nourish your soul with Third Eye Bathtub Teas.

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