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Welcome to Third Eye Creations


Yule Sabbat Box -PreOrder Now Available!!

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Here at Third Eye Creations we are proud to announce that after several long years of hard at work for all of you we have been able to open our very own storefront!

Thank you to all of our loyal patrons and we look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!

Find us at: 1943 N Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Space 2-35

Crow Silhouette by Moonlight

The Magick Is In The Making!

Here at Third Eye Creations (AKA Third Eye Alchemy) we believe that magick and energy exists everywhere and is imbued in everything that we do. That is why all of our products are handcrafted by active practitioners in sacred space and all the ingredients are carefully selected from the finest available. Our candles utilize the lunar cycles and corresponding days of the week to harness their full potential in manifesting the desires of our customers. Each candle’s color, fragrance, essential oils and herbs are carefully chosen correspondents meant to bring out the maximum potential in anyone’s workings. Through a careful study and development of our candles we worked together with other practitioners to ensure the best product. We have chosen a food grade paraffin wax along with an all hemp wick for our candles  to produce a cleaner burn. Our goal is to blend premium products with cost effectiveness so we can make our products available to the widest range of practitioners as possible. Both the novice and the advanced practitioner will find our candles to be effective tools in harnessing the energy needed for successful workings. We love our products and we love what we do. Once you try them, we know you will love them too!